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  Life is short go make memories!
I’ll bet you have traveled to some amazing places and have a story or two to tell about your adventures. Maybe you’ve been hiking through a hot, humid jungle only to be chased through Tarzan-like vines by a crazed baboon or climbed a mountain so high you ended up above the clouds, perhaps you’re the type that’s perfectly content sippin’ fruity umbrella drinks at a tiki bar on a tropical beach. Wherever your adventures have taken you, you’ve made tons of memories along the way.



Hi I’m Jen - an art school graduate that took a detour as a desk jockey in the corporate world while raising a family, and this is SableSol. I’m here to help you celebrate the amazing adventures you’ve taken by creating directional signs of your most cherished places. Think of these signs as a tick off the ‘ol travel bucket list.  Take a trip, get a sign. All items are handmade, by me, in my workshop on the sunny shores of the Gulf Coast of Florida.


 This Happened by Accident
What started out as a Sunday afternoon craft project turned into a legit full-time business.  So long corporate life!

That’s right, these directional signs happened by accident. Inspired by our love of travel I thought it would be a cool Sunday afternoon project for our three crafty daughters to make directional signs of our favorite places. You know, to remember the fun adventures we’ve had. I gave them scrap pieces of wood from my workshop and some paint and let them have at it. That lasted about 10 minutes before they ditched the project and I had to rescue what I could. 

A few years later there I was, feeling burnt out in the corporate world, itching to get back to my creative ways.  So, I decided to turn that Sunday afternoon craft project into a business of my own.  After improving on the original, half-attempted design, I set up shop and started selling directional signs and here we are today. That Sunday afternoon project still hangs in my workshop as a reminder of how this all started. If you ask me real nice, I might send you a picture of that sorry sign.

                                                What’s your story?
No more accidents here.  These signs are created with the purpose of telling your story. Like where you… fell in love, ate the best spaghetti carbonara, looked a lion right in the eyes from a safari jeep or attempted scuba diving, but the air tanks weren’t turned on. Oh wait, that happened to me. So, where do you go to make memories? 


Send me an email if you have questions about how to order your directional signs.

Happy Travels!