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Honeymoon Island, Florida


You should know that there are three things that are the heart and soul of SableSol; the love of the beach, the love of creating with reclaimed wood and a strong work ethic learned long ago from two white-haired dudes. Put those three things together and you’ve got a great combo for beach inspired home décor.  Each item created at SableSol is made by hand using reclaimed wood and incorporates elements of the beach such as, handpicked local seashells, tropical colors and rope for a nautical effect.

When I was a freckled-face little girl, I used to hang out and watch my father and my grandfather build things with wood. Chairs, tables, shelves, whatever Mom or Gramma thought of next, they would build it.  The best part about watching them create something out of a piece of wood (besides the smell of sawdust, who doesn’t love that?!) was seeing the love and care they put into what they were creating. Carefully cutting and sanding each piece and placing it in the right position, assembling all the pieces, staining and painting and then stepping back and nodding in approval on a job well done. That is the most important thing I learned from watching them; taking pride in my work and creating products with the same love and care that they did with theirs back in their sawdusty workshops.  No assembly line creations here.

Reclaimed wood is used in all pieces created at SableSol because there is absolutely no reason for a perfectly weathered piece of wood to end up in a landfill!  The dings, dents and chips (or, "beauty marks") give every handcrafted item its own unique look.  These character marks are intentionally left in each piece of wood so that no one else will have the exact same piece of SableSol art as you. Isn't that why you're here? To have something created especially for you, that isn't exactly the same as your neighbors? We're not trying to keep up with the Joneses. 

I believe in working hard and playing hard too, and the beach is my favorite playground.  When not creating home décor I can be found kayaking, spending time with family around our pool, hiking and taking road trips.

Have a look around the shop, pick out an item or two, or contact me to create an item specifically for you.

Please email me, using the form below, if you have any questions or requests for a custom order.

See you on the beach!