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Coastal beach décor with a rustic twist made especially for your home.

Do you often catch yourself daydreaming about your last beach vacation? Reminiscing about those long walks on the beach, collecting seashells, the groovy little tiki bar with the bright, quirky beach signs where the locals would gather at the end of the day; inviting you in like you’re one of them. Oh, and the coastal beach décor in the hotel room that added just the right touch of coastal coziness without being too beachy. You may wonder how you can create your own unique, cozy, beach vibe in your home without going overboard.

You can have the coastal beach feel in your home that you’ve been dreaming of.  All coastal décor at SableSol is handmade using mostly reclaimed wood and shells from suppliers that use environmentally sound practices.  Each piece of reclaimed wood is left with small holes, dings and dents to give each piece of beach art its own unique look; no two items will be exactly the same. So, no one will have the same piece of art as you – no mass production here.

SableSol was created out of a love for the beach and for wood working.  Put the two together and you have unique coastal décor with a rustic twist.

Hi, I'm Jen! My love for the beach started when I was 12 years old; the first time my toes touched the ocean.  Smelling the salt in the air, feeling the sand squishing between my toes, and listening to the thundering sound of the waves crashing, was a magical moment and I knew one day I needed to live near the beach. It seemed impossible at the time, being only 12 years old and from NW Pennsylvania, but flash forward a few years and my dream came true. Now, I call the beach my home.

Wood working did not come by accident. It was a learned craft taught to me by my two favorite white-haired dudes; Dad and Grampa.  They would allow me to hang out in their workshop and watch them build tables, chairs, shelves, etc.  They taught me to do the job the right way the first time and to never half-ass anything. They always took pride in their work and that, is the most important thing I learned from them. I create all my products with love and care just like they did with theirs.

Have an idea for a custom piece of beach art? I’ll work with you to create that custom or personalized piece for your home. Just complete the form below and I’ll be in touch shortly.


Check out some of the items in the shop and start giving your home the coastal look you’ve been dreaming of.

See you on the beach!