Why I Don't Make Resolutions and What I Do Instead

Happy New Year Resolutions

New Year 2020 SableSol

Well here we are; a brand-new year, a new decade and another chance to do-over the resolutions you didn’t keep last year. Or, did you actually keep those resolutions you made? 

I don’t make resolutions and here’s why…. FAIL.  I’m an all or nothing kind of chick.  Extreme, my husband would say. I’ll pile on 100 things to reach a goal when I really only need to do ONE or TWO things to get to said goal.

EXAMPLE: Healthier eating.  That doesn’t mean eating only lettuce for a month, it can be as simple as not eating any processed food.  Guess who tried surviving on lettuce and a few other vegetables for a month, but only lasted a few days? (told you I was extreme)

Here’s what I do instead…. 

I set one different goal every month.  It gets me back into a routine after the chaotic, fly by the seat of your pants holiday season.

EXAMPLE: In January I do a 30-day yoga challenge. I’ve been doing this one for years and it helps get me back in the habit of daily exercise and I feel so much better at the end of the month. I have more energy which also leads to doing other forms of exercise because I want to which leads to getting back in shape.  See how that works? Focusing on one thing instead of all things leads to better results. Baby steps.

How about you?  What’s an extreme resolution you tried and did you actually stick to it?  Do you make resolutions or just go with the flow?

Leave a comment below and let me know so I don’t feel like I’m the only one that does crazy things like try to survive on lettuce only for a month.

Til next time,


p.s. speaking of goals, be on the lookout for a shiny new website coming this spring.

p.p.s. also goal related, SableSol will have a more interactive presence on social media coming your way so stay tuned for updates.



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