That Day my Heart Stopped beating

Beach Signs Customer Review

Ever have someone tell you something and you swear your heart stops beating and your palms start sweating because you know crap is about to hit the fan?  Yeah, me too. Like that time I received this message from a customer who purchased a personalized item.

I bought this as a gift for my dear friend, but as soon as I received it I knew I had made a mistake.” 

That’s when my heart stopped. I thought to myself, did I mess up the art work? Send the wrong order? Pack my half-eaten ham sandwich with extra mayo in her box because I just worked 16 hours straight on orders and was getting a little delirious?

But I kept reading.

I should’ve kept it for myself!!! The hard work you put into this is phenomenal. You will definitely get another purchase from me in the near future.” 

Yasss! My heart started pumping again, and I did my happy dance. My friend, this is why I do what I do.

It’s moments like these when I realize, I’m not a maker because I like to play with paint and have an excuse to operate power tools. Yes that’s part of it.  But I do it for YOU.  I know you don’t want some lame gift shop trinket to remind you of your best vacation EVER. You want something unique made for YOU. Something that reminds you of :

  • That exotic beach vacation with the cool tiki huts over the water that you saved a year for.
  • Or, of hiking that mountain on your bucket list after spending 6 months training for it.
  • Or, of your hometown because you got a job transfer a million miles away and sometimes you just miss home.

Whether it’s having a personalized item made, like this one my customer shared, or seeing something in the shop and having it made a different color, size or even the way it hangs, it’s YOUR vision.  I just create a blizzard of sawdust, mix up the paints and put it all together for YOU.

SableSol Personalized Directional Signs

Imagine the smile my customer’s friend had on her face when she got her gift (without the half-eaten ham sandwich). Now imagine the smile you’ll have on your face when you open your personalized sign that reminds you of all the best places you’ve been.

Click here to get yours ordered today.

Til next time,


p.s. reply below with the best vacation you've ever taken.  I'd love to know!


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