Introducing Rocky. My Favorite Pool Float that Motivates Me to Get Stuff Done.

breathe sign rocky the pool float SableSol changes

Confession time, I used to HATE the months of January and February.  I still don’t LOVE them, but I’m learning how to be my most productive self during what seem like the longest months of the year. 

Let’s face it – when pool season starts in March I’m all about the sunshine and my favorite pool float “Rocky” so stuff has to get done now. Work doesn't get done, I don't get to hang with Rocky. It's as simple as that.
A wise woman* once told me to use these months as a chance to rest, recharge and get back to yourself.  So, I hibernate. And plan. And get back to yoga and meditation because they really are the best medicine for everything.

wood breathe sign

 Speaking of planning, changes are coming to SableSol in the near future! Things like:

  1. New home decor products
  2. Website facelift
  3. And a Facebook page that is exclusive to SableSol Insiders only.  It’s like a secret society, and you’ll be the first to know when the doors open.

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Til next time!


p.s.  *That wise woman?  My mother in-law; yoga teacher and meditation student for life.
p.p.s. Need a reminder to slow down during the long winter months and actually enjoy it? You can get the BREATHE sign right here.


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