The Green Flash and Sunset Shots

dunedin dunedin fl marker 8 sunsets

This is the place where, in the moment that the sun sets just beneath the horizon and you’re waiting for the green flash (I’ve never experienced this but I’ve been told it isn’t a myth, I’m not sold on that), all you can do is smile and be at peace because, does anything else matter in this moment? No.

Welcome to Part Deux of Sunset Series. 

There are no bad sunsets ever, anywhere, but I have to say, in Florida they are pretty spectacular. 

This lovely was taken at Marker 8 (that's what we locals call it), Beso del Sol is the proper name.  Here, they hand out sunset shots (they taste like liquid St. Joseph’s children’s aspirin) and blow the conch shell horn. It’s not about the sunset shot, it’s about the experience. And, it’s spectacular. 


SableSol sunset at Marker *

Where have you seen the best sunset, ever? And, have you seen the green flash?  Not sure I'm believing in that...
Til next time,

p.s. Did you know these signs were inspired by Florida sunsets?

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