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While you may be experiencing weather so cold your nostrils stick together when you breathe and snow drifts are up to your behind, here in Florida we’re enjoying quite lovely beach weather. Don’t hate, I used to live in the frozen tundra of PA and I know how miserable the winter can be.

 I don’t say this to rub it in, I really don’t. When I did live up north my fam, who lives here in FL, would tell me how hot it was all winter long when the only way I could get hot was to sit on the radiator wrapped in layers of blankets. It was annoying and I don’t want to do the same to you.

 I say this because… soon enough the weather will be warm, the birds will be singing, and you’ll want to throw a party to celebrate.  The only problem will be the deck/patio/porch that your guests will be gathering on will look like remnants of a dreary winter. 

 Outdoor space is also living space and it needs décor too!  Get the party started with something easy like one of these sunset inspired beach signs.  A little bit of color goes a long way and these colors scream anything but winter. 

Sunset inspired beach signs

Get yourself in the shop to snag one of these tropical signs and start planning your spring cookout! 

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