DIY Beach Themed Key Holder

diy keyholder

I don’t know about you but I am ALWAYS misplacing my keys. During the mad dash in the morning to get out the door I’m usually running around the house looking for my keys, creating a mess that resembles a category 4 hurricane and turning everything over just to find the one thing that will operate the vehicle to get the kid to school on time.  Something had to change.  I needed a place to keep the keys.
This super easy DIY will take you 15 minutes or less and here’s what you need:
1 wood plank – you choose the size
Rope or twine for the hanger
2 Small nails
2 corks
Starfish, sand dollar or other seashell of your choice.
Glue – I use industrial strength like GOOP or E6000
Drill and hammer
First you'll want to mark where you want to drill the holes to attach the rope hanger.
Smooth the edges around the holes with a quick sanding.
Next, attached the rope.
Now add the nails to be used to hold the corks. Add a bit of industrial strength glue to the end of each nail and drill a small hole into the end of each cork. Place a cork onto each nail.
Next up, glue the seashell of your choice and add to the center of the plank.
And there you have created your very own beach themed key holder in 15 minutes or less.

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